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Canoe Tips For Beginners

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The term canoeing has been around for centuries, but today the canoe is a recreational craft that is between 14 and 17 feet long with open space to carry equipment and paddle from. However, there is much more to this craft than this basic description. Here are a few canoe tips every beginner should know before heading out to the water.

Canoes have been a form of transportation across water bodies for thousands of years and are still critical in various parts of the world. At river run we use them for recreational purposes, exploring and for some quiet time.

Where And Who Can Use A Canoe?

Canoes are usable on any water body, including lakes, canals, rivers, and estuaries. You can use one on the sea, but you need serious canoeing skills. The craft is also common for pleasure and competition purposes such as general recreation, camping, whitewater, racing and touring.

Anyone of any ability or age can use a canoe. Canoes are especially a favourite for those who prefer kneeling or sitting in a boat for comfort or accessibility. They are ideal for setting out on multiple day adventures as they carry a lot.

5 Canoe Tips On How To Paddle

If this is your first time on a canoe, we have put together five tips on how to paddle your craft from point A to B:

  • Balance the canoe by getting into it and around to see how it reacts.
  • Choose your direction and follow your nose. The canoe follows where you are looking.
  • Maintain core tension to sit up straight and transfer effort from your arms.
  • Swap sides when paddling and observe how the canoe reacts.
  • Let the boat run between paddling or strokes.

Learn How To Paddle a Canoe Today

Book your canoeing lessons today in Ireland and relish in the freedom the craft offers on water. Get more Canoe tips from experts and become the best paddler in your group and prepare for the next waterborne adventure!

To get started on your adventure, you only require the canoe, a paddle, safety equipment and knowledge. Canoe paddles have a single blade on one end and handle grip on the other. Some of the safety equipment includes a floatation or buoyancy aid. Gain the skills and knowledge to become an independent paddler from the experts.

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